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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Jurong Lake District, District 22

Jurong Lake District will be the new centre of development in the next twenty years, as the government already places a high priority on the sale of land there. When fully constructed, Jurong Lake District will bring forth an additional 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new houses, which will promote Singapore's development into a flourishing global metropolis by 2040.

The smartest investors who reap the most from new sudden expansions and rapid developments in an area, are those who bought a piece of land when it was still unattractive; this is a generally accepted truth, and JLD is no exception to this.

Let’s take a quick look at some intriguing facts about JLD that make me consider this project one of the smartest moves by the Singapore government, and why you should invest in JLD.

1. The Location & Landmark

The government's plan for Jurong Lake District (JLD) transformation.

In terms of location, JLD is surrounded by very important and busy landmarks capable of drawing all the much-needed traffic to it. With a 300-meter (984-foot) lake frontage and panoramic views of Jurong Lake and Jurong Lake Gardens, the location is excellent.

The development of JLD benefits from being close to the North-South Line, Cross Island Line, and Jurong Region Line, which makes it simple to connect to the development of the district.

It is directly connected to the Chinese Garden MRT on the East-West Line. It's easy to get here by foot or bicycle. The development will be seamlessly connected to Singapore's island-wide bicycle and park connector networks through walking and cycling trails around Jurong Lake, Jurong Town Hall Road, and Boon Lay Way.

2. The Investment Epicentre of the West Region

The Urban Redevelopment Authority Masterplan (URA Masterplan) was simple and clear; the goal is to transform Jurong Lake District into a nexus for business, technology, and entertainment by focusing on commercial and residential developments as well as recreational centers and social amenities.

Taking a closer look at these, you would already know that this area has a lot of potential for a 10X investment return. But what are the attractions of JLD that would make your investment 10X? Here are some of the exciting amenities and infrastructure in the Jurong Lake District Master Plan that make it a top investment for you.

  1. The MRT stations
  2. The lake gardens
  3. The innovation centres
  4. The science centre and
  5. The regional library

3. JLD - More Than 120 Hectares of Land Available for Development

The government is prioritising the sale of sites in JLD over the next few years. In their efforts to kickstart the next phase of development in Jurong Lake District, the government has rolled out a 6.5 ha that will be split into 3 plots of land that would be sold to a master developer to build a mix of offices, private homes, and other amenities.

These 3 plots have the potential to yield about 1,700 housing units, 146,000 sq m of office spaces, and 73,000 sq m of gross floor area for other purposes.

4. Residential and Housing Opportunities

Artistic impression of new developments in Jurong Lake District

Jurong Lake District will bring forth an additional 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new houses, which will promote Singapore's development into a flourishing global metropolis by 2040- 2050.

According to URA, about 600 housing units will be built in the first phase, accompanied by 70,000 sq m of office spaces, an early child development centre, a supermarket, and a food court.

These will be linked to the existing commercial centre at Jurong East MRT Interchange station to a new precinct. The whole project will be linked by an elevated long pedestrian network to enable pedestrians to move around without crossing any pedestrian network.

5. A Place to Live, Work and Play

An artistic impression of a street in Jurong Lake District

Solid plans are already in place for turning Jurong Lake District into a budding area with lots of tourist attractions, which would bring more life to the precinct when fully developed.

Additionally, a fully car-lite society would have major concentrations on well-built walk lanes and bike lanes widened with shades to make the experience of walking or cycling more soothing.

6. Several Development Amenities

There are so many amenities in Jurong Lake District and around Jurong East, I carefully outlined some of them below:

a. The new Singapore Science Center
Set to open in 2027, located near the Chinese Garden MRT Station.

b. The Jurong Innovation District

Jurong Innovation District

JID is designed to be a hub for innovation and collaboration, with a focus on key factors such as advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, urban solutions, and smart logistics.

c. The Jurong Innovation District
The 90-ha park consists of the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden, and the Lakeside Garden. Visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the streets at JLG since it has a lot of facilities and amenities to facilitate enjoyable outdoor chilling moments.

d. Jurong Regional Library
Efforts by the URA towards making Jurong Lake District the largest business district outside the city have included moving the regional library from its current location 400m away, close to Jurong East MRT.

7. First Mover Advantage

Team members sharing ideas, and working together.

The fact that many of these exciting developments are still in their planning phase, allows early investors to reap more later, that is the strategy of first mover advantage.

With the government currently giving a lot of focus to developing Jurong Lake District, this would propel property values to skyrocket over time.

Make Your Next Strategic and Smart Move

The development of Jurong Lake District is a very good opportunity towards financial independence.

Sound property investment choices involve a lot of factors, one of which is grabbing the opportunity now that the URA Master Plan is still in place.

Planning to invest in Jurong Lake District?

If you're seeking to explore potential properties or find your dream home in Jurong Lake District, it's useful to have a trusted agent who knows the ground, guiding you towards reliable properties with a proven growth path.

Artistic impression of J-walk in Jurong Lake District

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