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Jurong Lake District is poised to become a place to work, play, learn, and innovate.

With several major projects in the pipeline, it will witness a remarkable change in its landscape, economy, and lifestyle. There are future developments that will redefine D22.

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Jurong Lake District:

Singapore’s Second CBD by the Lake

Jurong Lake District (JLD) is a district of Singapore that is planned to become the country’s second central business district (CBD) by 2040.

It is a 410-hectare new growth area in western Singapore that aims to bring more quality jobs, amenities, and recreational options closer to homes.

Aerial view of Jurong
A beautiful Condominium in District 22
Artistic impression of a beautiful street in Jurong Lake District

It is part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)'s decentralization efforts to create new commercial activities, amenities, and recreational facilities outside the Central Area of Singapore.

We have high ambitions for the JLD to be a demonstrative site for sustainable living, mixed-use including residential. This being the second CBD in Singapore, it is a very important demonstrative site for us.
Desmond Lee
Minister for National Development
JLD consists of three precincts: Jurong Gateway, Lakeside, and Lakeside Gateway.

It is served by 2 major expressways and 3 MRT lines, including the upcoming Jurong Region Line and Cross Island Line.

It also features a scenic lakefront setting with lush greenery and water activities.

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Master plan for Jurong Lake District

Interesting facts about JLD and its development:

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    JLD is expected to create 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes by 2040,  adding to the 1 million residents already in the West Region.

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    JLD is home to the world’s largest desalination plant, the Tuaspring Desalination Plant, which produces up to 136 million liters of water per day.

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    The upcoming Tuas Mega Port will consolidate all of Singapore’s port operations in one location and increase its capacity to handle up to 65 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of cargo per year by 2040.

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    Leading companies and institutions like Siemens, Shimano, Bosch Rexroth, Hyundai Motor, A*STAR, Surbana Jurong, and SATS to set up their facilities and operations in the district.

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    There are a variety of properties for sale and rent, ranging from HDB flats and condominiums to terraced houses and detached houses. Some of the popular properties in JLD include The Centris, Parc Oasis, The Lakeshore, and Lake Grande.

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    Raffles Marina (a yacht club with a marina, hotel, restaurant, and swimming pool), Jurong Fishery Port (a wholesale fish market open from midnight to 6 am), and Jurong Lake Gardens (a national garden integrating Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and Jurong Lake Park) are all part of Jurong Lake District.

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    Jurong Lake District is promoting a "Car-lite Strategy", aiming to prioritize public transport usage with the goal of eight out of 10 rides in the district being made using public transportation. Furthermore, the proposal for an off-site center for trucks to consolidate deliveries is set to alleviate heavy traffic congestion, addressing a significant concern in the area.

Why invest in JLD Real Estate?

JLD is to become Singapore’s second CBD by the lake, with many new projects and initiatives that will enhance its economic potential and livability. Investing in JLD real estate presents a compelling opportunity for several reasons:

Artistic impression of a beautiful street in Jurong Lake District

Major development project:


JLD is a major development project in western Singapore aimed at creating new business and leisure opportunities outside the city center.

Genting Hotel

Strong government involvement:


The Singapore government is committed to the development of JLD, with plans to create new jobs and homes, make it the largest mixed-use business district outside of the city center. This new CBD offers exciting business and employment opportunities for Singaporeans.

Jurong Lake District - Green rooftop terrace

Potential for growth:


JLD is set to become Singapore's largest business district with a major investment in new homes, businesses, and jobs. When fully developed, JLD will have 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes to support Singapore's growth as a thriving global city.

Beautiful aerial view of Jurong Lake District

Unique lake setting:


JLD is located in a unique lake setting that blends the vibrancy and attractions of a CBD with greenery and water.

A beautiful condominium

Integrated tourism development:


JLD will be a major tourist attraction in Singapore, with integrated tourism development planned.

Master plan for Jurong Lake District

Excellent connectivity:


JLD has excellent connectivity, with easy access to major economic projects such as the Tuas Checkpoint, Woodlands Checkpoint, and Tuas Mega port. The district is also connected via the Pan-Island and Kranji Expressway.

For now, the JLD becomes the gateway to Malaysia. But it will also be the gateway to Asean and the rest of Asia. So physically and symbolically, it's important for countries that have business in the region to have their headquarters at the end point of that network. It's going to be an important selling point.
Lim Eng Hwee
URA Chief Executive

Jurong Region Line:

Enhancing Connectivity in the West

The Jurong Region Line (JRL) is Singapore's seventh MRT line, improving connectivity in the western part of the city. It connects key areas such as the Jurong Industrial Estate, Jurong Innovation District, and Nanyang Technological University.

The government's plan for Jurong Lake District (JLD) transformation.
Genting Hotel
Jurong East Sports Centre

With 24 stations over a 24 km fully elevated stretch, JRL will bring more alternative travel routes and put 60,000 more households within a 10-minute walk from a station.

Opening in three phases from 2027 to 2029, JRL will be fully automated and driverless, utilizing J151 trains from Hyundai Rotem and a Siemens signaling system. Facilities include a depot at Tengah and a stabling facility at Peng Kang Hill.

Jurong Innovation District:

Asia’s Leading Advanced Manufacturing Hub in Singapore

Jurong Innovation District

Jurong Innovation District (JID) is a visionary project that aims to transform the western part of Singapore into a global hotspot for advanced manufacturing, research, and innovation. JID is expected to create 95,000 jobs and house 32,000 talent by 2028.

It is home to the world's largest desalination plant and the upcoming Tuas Mega Port. Also, JID has attracted many leading local and international companies and institutions to set up their facilities and operations in the district.

It has a variety of properties for sale and rent and is well-connected by public transport. Investing in JID real estate can bring you many benefits, such as high rental demand, capital appreciation, and future growth.

Genting hotel in Jurong, District 22
Green rooftop terrace in buildings, erected in Jurong Lake District

Smart Nation Initiative:

Harnessing Technology for a Better Singapore

Robots on the streets of Singapore as part of the smart nation initiative

Smart Nation is a government initiative to use technology to improve people's lives, businesses, and the public sector.

It has identified five key domains where technology can have a significant impact: transport, home and environment, business productivity, health and enabled aging, and public sector services.

It has launched several strategic national projects and initiatives to facilitate data sharing, support research, and innovation, and foster a vibrant industry and start-up ecosystem.

Tuas Mega Port:

Tuas Mega Port is a transformative project that consolidates Singapore's port operations into the world's largest container terminal.

It will have the capacity to handle up to 65 million TEUs annually by 2040. The port will leverage automation, digitalization, and sustainability to enhance productivity and competitiveness. Spanning 1,337 hectares, with 66 berths, the port will cost approximately $14.6 billion. It will create 10,000 new jobs and support the development of adjacent business districts.

The port will incorporate sustainable technologies and be connected by public transport, with multiple MRT stations serving the area.

Tuas mega port aerial view

*It's important to note that these are speculative possibilities based on current trends and Singapore's approach to urban development. The actual future of D22 will depend on various factors, including government policies, economic conditions, societal needs, and environmental considerations.

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