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Glad to Meet You! I’m “Mr. Friendly” Steve Chua - a Lakeside native and your trusted real estate friend and agent…

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My name is Steve Chua, and I am a real estate expert with a passion for District 22. Ever since I was a young boy living in the Lakeside area, I have been fascinated by the different houses and buildings around me. I wondered what stories they had to tell, and what secrets they held. As a result, I always wanted to learn more about them and their stories.

I was a diligent student and graduated with a Diploma in Building and Real Estate Management from a local Polytechnic.

After that, with a keen interest in pursuing a role in the banking services industry, I attained a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance and embarked on a rewarding 15 years journey helping business owners with debt financing in areas such as business property financing, cash flow financing, among others.

Along the way, many of these entrepreneurs have grown to be friends and they trusted me for my honesty and kindness.

With the kind support from many people I have known throughout my career, in 2022,  I decided to pursue my passion and switched to the property industry to focus on helping homeowners and property investors fulfil their property investment goals (whether it’s for own stay or for investment purposes) through prudent cash flow planning, which is a similar attribute for any business owner to build a successful and sustainable business.

While each of us may have different goals and unique financial obligations to consider when deciding on a property purchase. I believe that having a well-defined cash flow strategy in relation to property ownership, would ultimately lead to a rewarding and stress-free experience. If you happen to think likewise, let’s have a chat over a cup of coffee :)

I help plot out market trends and offer helpful advice.

I’m a real estate expert who takes a calculated and low-risk approach to property and homes. My peers and clients trust and appreciate me as their homeowner/buyer’s friend in District 22.

Let me buy you coffee and share more about Jurong Lake District.
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