Jurong is a district in the southwesternmost point of Singapore and is one of the most densely-populated industrial areas in the country.

It has a rich history and a diverse culture, as well as a vibrant lifestyle and a promising future.

Jurong is also undergoing a massive transformation that will make it one of the most dynamic and desirable districts in Singapore for real estate and property development.

Aerial view of Jurong
Home to Singapore's 2nd CBD

Interesting facts about Jurong

Teapot, coffee mug and a beautiful flower in the living room of a nice apartment

Jurong was named after Sungei Jurong, a river that flows into Jurong Lake. The name "Jurong" has various meanings in Malay, including "shark", "coastal plain", or "palm tree".

Aerial view of Jurong

Jurong was developed as an industrial hub in the late 1960s due to its large land area, proximity to the sea, and availability of natural resources.

Jurong Innovation District

Jurong is a prominent industrial hub in Singapore, housing prestigious and innovative industries, alongside a thriving start-up culture supported by incubators and innovation labs.

A food centre in Jurong

The food scene in Jurong is diverse and delicious, with hawker centers, food courts, and local eateries serving up a wide variety of local and international dishes.

Inside Jurong Point shopping mall.

Jurong has a number of attractions that cater to different interests, including parks, museums, malls, and sports facilities.

Master plan for Jurong Lake District

Jurong is well-connected by public transport, with MRT stations, bus services, and expressways serving the area.

Rooftop greenery on buildings collectively forming a ‘green carpet’ in the sky, in Jurong Lake District.

Jurong is set to become one of the most dynamic and desirable districts in Singapore, with plans for new developments and amenities in the pipeline.


Investment tips for Jurong:

A beautiful Condominium in District 22
Artistic impression of a beautiful street in Jurong Lake District
  • 1/6

    Buying Executive Condominiums that are near the Jurong Lake District, such as Parc Oasis and Lake Life.

  • 2/6

    Buying private apartments that are near the upcoming High-Speed Rail terminus, such as Vision Exchange and J Gateway.

  • 3/6

    Buying office or retail spaces that are near the future commercial hub, such as those in Venture Drive and Jurong East Street 11.

  • 4/6

    Investing in equity or quasi-debt instruments of urban and infrastructure projects through Surbana Jurong Capital, the investment arm of the Surbana Jurong Group.

  • 5/6

    Investing in an integrated tourism development at Singapore's Jurong Lake District, which will be the focus of new development in the next two decades and will have 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes.

  • 6/6

    Investing in industrial properties that are near the upcoming Jurong Innovation District, which will be a hub for advanced manufacturing, research, and innovation.

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Teapot, coffee mug and a beautiful flower in the living room of a nice apartment
Master plan for Jurong Lake District
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